Global Opportunities

As a History student you enjoy opportunities to participate in a variety of different global learning experiences through UNE's Global Education Program. Tangier, Morocco and Seville, Spain are semester-long study abroad experiences that offer humanities courses that fulfill your College of Arts and Sciences core requirements.

Apart from opportunities to spend a semester abroad, you also may take shorter faculty-led trips to places of historic interest around the globe. If you would like to extend the learning you do in the classroom into the field, the Global Education Program offers scholarships to help offset the travel costs. Here are some examples of the study abroad courses and corresponding trips our professors lead.

A lighted London bridge at night


HIS 299 EXP City of the Dead, City of the Living: Histories of London

Dr. Eric Zuelow

This course explores the interplay between life and death in London from earliest times. Lectures trace not only the history of the city, but also how Londoners at various points dealt with the relationship between life and death. Topics will range from the arrival of the Romans to the death of a deeply loved princess and the public outpouring of grief that resulted, addressing much of what came in-between.


HIS 410 ADV London: Sex and the City

Dr. Elizabeth De Wolfe

In the 19th century, eager young men and daring young women headed to the rapidly growing cities for adventure, jobs, and romance, and to experience a new independence previous generations had not known. In this seminar, you explore how urban life shaped and challenged "proper" young men and women in two of the most important cities of the age, New York and London. You will delve into original sources and encounter people from all walks of life.

Two female students pose on a seaside cliff in Ireland
UNE students in Ireland. Photo: Lane Clarke


Dr. Eric Zuelow

Professor Zuelow offered a semester-long course on Irish history that concluded with a two-week tour of Ireland. The course traced Irish history from the arrival of English overlords to the development of Ireland as a self-confident, upwardly mobile, and even wealthy country, moving from English colony to "Celtic Tiger." Read the trip's blog.

U N E students pose with native Mexicans below a straw thatch picnic shelter

UNE students in Amatlan outside Cuernavaca.

Cuernavaca, México

Dr. Robert Alegre

We partnered with Tecnológico de Monterrey to offer students a unique semester abroad. The group took excursions to sites of historical, archeological, and social importance led by Professor Alegre, who also taught courses at Tec.

UNE students in France

UNE students in France.


Dr. Theodore DiPadova

As the culmination of a semester-long study of contemporary France in an historical perspective, Professor Emeritus Theodore DiPadova brought students to Paris where they toured sites like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Latin Quarter and the Louvre. The group also visited nearby places of historic interest like the Palace of Versailles and Monet’s home in Giverny, toured the residence of the American Ambassador to France, and had dinner with an American ex-patriot and political activist who provided insight into life in France and European politics.