Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others

12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
St. Francis Room, Ketchum Library
Biddeford Campus
David Livingstone Smith, Ph.D.

Free and open to the public

His book Less Than Human gives a revalatory look at why we dehumanize each other, with stunning examples from world history as well as today’s headlines. “Brute.” “Cockroach.” “Lice.” “Vermin.” “Dog.” “Beast.” These and other monikers are constantly in use to refer to other humans—for political, religious, ethnic, or sexist reasons. Human beings have a tendency to regard members of their own kind as less than human. This tendency has made atrocities like the Holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda, and the slave trade possible, and yet we still find it in phenomena such as xenophobia, homophobia, military propaganda, and racism.

“Smith’s compelling study and his argument that the study of dehumanization be made a global priority to prevent future Rwandas or Hiroshimas is well-made and important.” -- Publishers Weekly

“David Livingstone Smith produces a clear and illuminating vision of why human beings are the way we are and how we got this way. The scholarship is broad, the insight is deep and the prose is compelling. Less Than Human will change the way you think about things that matter profoundly. This is dazzling stuff.”-- Steven E. Landsburg, Ph.D., author of The Big Questions


St. Francis Room, Ketchum Library
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