Center for Global Humanities Lecture/Seminar Series

Local And Global: Notes from the Frontlines of the Climate Fight

Westbrook Performing Arts Center, Westbrook Middle School
Off Campus
Bill McKibben

Free and open to the public

Bill McKibben will talk about how, facing the greatest problem humans have ever come across, we need to be able to work effectively both in our local communities to find new ways to power our lives, and in the largest national and global arenas to make sure that unchecked global warming doesn't defeat our best efforts. He will bring examples from his and his colleagues' work at 350.org in 189 countries, and from the mass civil disobedience he helped organize this summer in Washington, as well as from his own experiences on the ground in northern New England.


Westbrook Performing Arts Center, Westbrook Middle School
United States

Bill McKibben

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