Mechanisms of Itch Sensation

12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Morgane Room 122,
Biddeford Campus
Xinzhong Dong, Ph.D.

Free and open to the public

Dr. Dong's current work is focused on uncovering the function of these genes by combining genetic and behavioral studies in mice with electrophysiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology to reveal how signals triggered by the Mrg receptors are processed as they travel from the skin to the spinal cord. His recent studies have shown that these receptors play a role in certain kinds of itch sensations. Dr. Dong is also pursuing the relationship between itch and pain sensations. Some pain relievers, such as morphine, can have itchy side effects. And the pain caused by scratching can make an itch subside, at least temporarily. This antagonistic relationship is not well understood, but Dong hopes that a better understanding of the sensory pathways will illuminate where this effect occurs.

Lunch will be provided.

Hosted by: Lei Lei, Ph.D.


Morgane Room 122,
United States