Nuclear architecture in cancer and aging-related diseases

12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Alfond Room 106
Biddeford Campus
Lindsay Shopland, Ph.D.

Free and open to the public

Dr. Lindsay Shopland investigates the contributions of nuclear architecture to gene expression in cancer and aging-related diseases.  Her research focuses on the nuclear lamina, a scaffold of filaments that organizes the genome in the nucleus.  Defects in the nuclear lamina impair adult stem cell populations and cause a number of severe human genetic diseases, including lipodystrophies, skeletal abnormalities, peripheral neuropathies, and the premature aging syndrome, Hutchinson Gilford progeria.  The Shopland laboratory applies high-resolution 3D imaging and mouse genetics resources to investigate nuclear lamina functions in stem cells that give rise to fatty tissue and bone.

Lunch will be provided. 

Hosted by: Dr. Edward Bilsky


Alfond Room 106
United States