COM Biomedical Research Seminar Series

COM Seminar Series - Student presentations

COM students

Andrew Egan, OMS2 
Mentor: Silvia Smith, PhD (UNE)
Rachel Bengart, OMS2
Mentor: Silvia Smith, PhD (UNE)
Dan Thai, OMS2 
Mentor: Silvia Smith, PhD (UNE)

Involvement of CTHRC1 in the Body’s Response to Inflammatory Processes Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis” by AE
The Correlation Between the Presence of Inflammatory Disease and PHQ-9 Scores Among Elderly Adults” by RB
Association of CTHRC1 in Malignant Epithelial Carcinogenesis” by DT

December 4, 2020
via Zoom


United States


Russ Ferland for Zoom link
Biomedical Sciences

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