Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education

Pandemic Reflections: People, Planet & Profits

Both Campuses

Description: How does COVID-19 impact sustainability - globally, locally and personally? A panel of UNE experts will explore how the pandemic has affected our sustainability framework and how we can move forward to strengthen the triple bottom line.

IPE Competencies: Values & Ethics, Roles & Responsibilities

All are welcome! If you are from the public, please tune in via: 

This special offering is part of 'PROMOTING POSITIVE CHANGE IN TIMES OF COVID: Exploring strategies for improving planetary and human health', a collaborative series between UNE’s Planetary Health Council (PHC) and UNE’s Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education (CECE). These events explore the impact of COVID, and bridge to themes on aging/isolation, emotional resiliency, social determinants of health, and climate change. All will address interprofessional competencies, and can be included toward students' IP Honors Distinction Badge.


United States


Collyn Baeder
UNE Planetary Health Council

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