APhA Pharmacy Based Immunization Delivery

Kenneth McCall PharmD, Rachel Mayer PharmD, Hailey Choi PharmD, Devon Sherwood, PharmD

November 12, 2021. Live Seminar via zoom from 716 Stevens Ave, Portland, Maine 04103.

Assessment dates November 12th and 13th at the School of Pharmacy, 716 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME

University of New England School of Pharmacy Live Seminar will be remotely via zoom starting at 8am and Skill Verification times to be scheduled

For questions about this program, please contact: Kenneth McCall at kmccall@une.edu

APhA’s Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery certificate training program is based on national educational standards for immunization training from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  This practice-based curriculum represents a fusion of science and clinical pharmacy. The program, which emphasizes a health care team approach, seeks to foster the implementation of interventions that will promote disease prevention and public health.  The purpose of this certificate training program is to prepare pharmacists with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to provide immunization services to patients across the life span.

The goals of this program are to:

Educate pharmacists, interns, Technicians and students about:

  • The impact of vaccines on public health.
  • Pharmacist, technician, and intern roles in immunization.
  • Immunologic principles of vaccine development and immunizations.
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines used to prevent them.
  • Strategies for improving immunization rates.
  • Requirements for pharmacists, interns, and technicians who provide immunization services.

Prepare pharmacists, interns and technicians to:

  • Read an immunization schedule and identify appropriate vaccines for individuals across the life span and with special needs.
  • Educate patients about the benefits of vaccines and dispel myths about vaccines.
  • Safely administer vaccines to patients via subcutaneous, intramuscular, intranasal, and intradermal routes.
  • Operate an immunization service in compliance with legal and regulatory standards.
  • Partner with immunization stakeholders to promote immunizations and the immunization neighborhood.

Direct pharmacists, interns and technicians to resources necessary to:

  • Promote public health through immunizations.
  • Access regularly updated information about vaccines and their use.
  • Effectively communicate with patients and other stakeholders about resources.
  • Operate an immunization service in compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

For a complete list of learning objectives for the self-study and live seminar, please visit APhA’s website,


Seminar Agenda

  • Welcome, Introductions and Acknowledgements
  • Clinical Review
  • Morning Break
  • Managing a Pharmacy-Based Immunization Program
  • Strategies for Increasing Immunization Rates
  • Lunch break on your own
  • Applying ACIP Immunization Schedules
  • Communicating with Patients
  • Afternoon Break
  • Vaccine Administration Technique
  • Transitional/Summary Remarks
  • Skills Assessment


Kenneth McCall PharmD, Rachel Mayer PharmD, Hailey Choi PharmD, Devon Sherwood, PharmD.

Registration: Please reach out to Pauline Dombrowik at pdombrowik@une.edu

Cost per attendee: $375. Payment by check. You will receive access to the program as soon as registration is completed and Payment received.

Pay to: UNE School of Pharmacy. 716 Stevens Ave Portland, Maine 04103 Attn: Pauline Dombrowik Office of Continuing Education


Pauline Dombrowik

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