Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education

CECE Event– Interprofessional Family Centered Care: Exploring Pediatric Telehealth

Both Campuses
Zoom link coming soon

This presentation will include a video of a telehealth session of a child who was seen by the Maine LEND Family Interprofessional Team (FIT). The Maine LEND FIT is comprised of 11 healthcare disciplines and includes both trainees and experienced mentors. The FIT works with children with neurodevelopmental and related disabilities whose parents have requested assistance in ensuring their child's optimal participation in school and community. Following the video, there will be a panel discussion with Maine LEND trainees.

Core Competencies: Roles & Responsibilities

Attendance to this event can be applied toward students' Interprofessional Honors Distinction/Badge



Michelle Cote
UNE Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education (CECE)

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