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CECE Event – Transforming Racial Lines

Both Campuses

Divisions along racial lines severely limit human progress. A communication process that has the potential to transform racial lines requires guided practice. The goal of this workshop is to introduce participants to a particular model and communication process that transforms racial lines by refining the skills of listening, loving and lifting spirits.

Jan is Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of New England in Portland, Maine, U.S. June is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Waterville, Maine, U.S. Jan and June have been partners in transforming racial and cultural lines in health and social care for over 20 years. They know it is possible to transform the many lines that divide and separate humans by learning the skills of listening, loving, and lifting spirits when you can. Listening both within and across racial lines is essential in addressing inequities and injustice related to racial and cultural oppression that limit progress in achieving health and well-being for all people. 

Transforming Racial and Cultural Lines in Health and Social Care walks the reader through the process of developing the skills for racially and culturally effective and compassionate communication. Divided into four parts, the book includes examples that highlight the significance of each skill and provides listening partnerships on each topic. In the final part of the book, Froehlich and Thornton-Marsh interview medical, health, and social care practitioners regarding their experiences in using racially and culturally effective communication to transform health and social care. Improved communication enhances the experience of health and social care for both patients and practitioners and ultimately supports better health outcomes.

CECE events are designed to give you as much opportunity as possible to learn about, from, and with each other, while maximizing responsiveness to changing conditions caused by COVID-19. Please check back often for latest information about viewing opportunities below:

UNE students, professional staff, faculty only, in-person in Innovation 104 in Portland, live-streamed to St. Francis Room in Biddeford

Participation can be applied toward students’ IP Honors Distinction.

Competencies: Communication, Values and Ethics, Cultural Humility


United States


Michelle Cote
UNE Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education

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