COM Biomedical Research Seminar Series

COM Seminar Series - Student presentations

COM students

Stephen Cheng, OMS2    
Mentor: Regi Robnett, PhD (UNE)
Amy Courtney, OMS3 
Mentor: Jennifer Gunderman, MPH (UNE)

Amy Lin, OMS2  
Mentor: Marilyn Gugliucci, PhD (UNE)

Exploring the COVID 19 Attitudes and Behaviors among Older Adults” by SC
Oral Health in Children in Maine’s Head Start Programs: Challenges and New Directions” by AC


Vet To Vet Maine: A Pilot Study Measuring Effectiveness of a Veteran Companion Program in Reducing Social Isolation and Loneliness” by AL

January 15, 2021
via Zoom


United States


Russ Ferland for Zoom link
Biomedical Sciences

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