Training in Aging & Diversity Series: Elder Abuse, Substance Use, and Crimes Against Older Adults

UNE School of Social Work: Training in Aging & Diversity

This Spring the second installment of the training series on aging and diversity will explore elder abuse, substance use and its intersection with healthcare crimes with older adults. Workshops will include case-based learning, interactive sessions, and a panel of older adults speaking to the issues at hand. Experts from each of the fields will offer information, insights, and unknown pitfalls in practice with aging populations.

This offering will address interprofessional competencies of Teamwork, Communication, Roles and Responsibilities, and can be applied toward students’ IP Honors Distinction Badge.


  • Erin Salvo, JD, Associate Director, Adult Protective Services
  • Stephanie Nichols, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP, FCCP, UNE Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • John P. Burke, AAG, Healthcare Crimes Unit, Office of the Attorney General
  • Heath Langevin, Healthcare Crimes Unit, Office of the Attorney General


Tiarra LaPierre
Social Work

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