UNE MSW Program (On-Campus Option) Info Session: Featuring Mindfulness and Social Work Practice

Mindfulness and Social Work Practice

Join UNE faculty, staff & alumni for a virtual MSW info session featuring the topic, “Mindfulness and Social Work Practice.” The event will open with a general program overview followed by a presentation by UNE Clinical Faculty, Craig Owens LCSW and brief video and interactive activity led by an MSW student and alumni duo.  Admissions staff will be available to answer questions around core social work curriculum, scheduling, and admissions processes.

Mindfulness Matters:  We live in a fast paced society in which we’re expected to juggle many responsibilities with expediency and efficiency.  This can be exhausting.  Research shows that when we incorporate mindfulness into our routines (cultivate attention to and awareness of the present moment), we are actually more productive, well balanced, and healthy individuals. Practicing mindfulness teaches us that slowing the mind and focusing our attention is within our sphere of control.  The tools to do so are already within us.  We simply need to cultivate them.   We can choose how we interact with and engage with each moment of our lives, and we can do so with intention.


Meg Webster
Social Work

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