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UNE CECE Event: Harm Reduction 101

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CECE events are designed to give you as much opportunity as possible to learn about, from, and with each other, while maximizing responsiveness to changing conditions caused by COVID-19. Please check back often for latest information about viewing opportunities.

This panel discussion will introduce the concept of Harm Reduction (HR) defined as the practice of reducing risk for those experiencing Substance Use Disorders. The conversation will then describe a broadened framework, risk reduction, that conceptualizes ways in which cross-disciplinary health professionals and workers can effectively and nonjudgmentally address a range of behaviors (e. g. hoarding, disorders of eating) that negatively affect individuals, families, and systems. Panelists include Robert MacKenzie, Kennebunk Chief of Police, Kinna Thakarar, DO and others.

Competencies: Communication; Ethics & Values

Presented by: The UNE Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education

UNE students, staff, faculty: 
ZOOM: https://une.zoom.us/s/98425705819
In Person*: Innovation 104 (PC), Bush Board Room, Ketchum (BC)

Community members/public:
Facebook Live: 
facebook.com/UNECollaborative (Interactive opportunity)
Livestream: une.edu/live (Viewing only)

Participation can be applied toward students’ IP Honors Distinction.

*If you plan to attend in person, bring your laptop, iPad or phone to participate in Zoom chat. We welcome you to bring your lunch!


Michelle Cote
UNE Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education

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