EAP Webinar - Food For Thought: What's Impacting Your Food Choices

10:15 am - 11:15 am
EAP Nutritionist, Zoë Kobrin, MSN, MSW, ACC


For the vast majority of us, food acts as much more than just a source of sustenance--it can be used to provide comfort, show love, distract from boredom or painful emotions, and promote social connection. The relationship we have with food is one of the longest we'll have throughout our lives.

In this session, join guest presenter Zoë Kobrin, MSN, MSW, ACC, a nutritionist and certified health coach, to explore your relationship with food. We’ll work together to identify what's been working well and what you might want to change. You'll walk away with simple strategies that you can begin to implement immediately in order to move toward your ideal relationship with food.