UNE College of Dental Medicine - Community-Based Externship Virtual Event

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Online (Zoom Webinar)

Discover why the UNE College of Dental Medicine's unique externship program is a game-changer in dental education. Join us for this virtual event!

At UNE, we're redefining dental education by offering an extraordinary opportunity for our D4 students to make a lasting impact on local communities. 

Unlike many typical dental school externship rotations, ours extend over a remarkable 12 weeks, allowing our students to immerse themselves in the community, develop invaluable real-world skills, and truly become outstanding clinical providers who are prepared for immediate practice upon graduation.

Join us for an engaging discussion with faculty and current students who have experienced the transformative power of our Community-Based Externship Program firsthand. Learn how community-based externships not only benefit our students but also create positive, lasting change in the communities we serve. Don't miss this opportunity to explore how UNE's commitment to community-driven dentistry is shaping the future of dental education.


Sari Hazzard
Office of Graduate Admissions