The Cultural Exchange LoungeStudents hang out in the Cultural Exchange Lounge at U N E

The Cultural Exchange Lounge (CEL) exists to provide a safe, inviting and inclusive space for traditionally underrepresented students on the Biddeford Campus to find support, solidarity, and learning. The CEL houses a lending library with books and films available for use by members of the UNE community.

  • Provides a physical space on campus for students across academic programs and class years to engage in dialogue about social identities and current events, applying knowledge gained in to the classroom to interactions with peers
  • Fosters learning and mutual empowerment, community, collaboration, and leadership.
  • Provides a location for underrepresented students to find and identify other students like them
  • Serves as a "home away from home" for students
  • Presents an opportunity for student organization members to work collaboratively on events and programs
  • Provides student employment opportunities for up to 15 undergraduates, furthering their career-readiness skills and ensuring success in future careers
  • Is a hub for underrepresented students and organizations, including UNitEd, Alliance, InterVarsity and Franciscan Faithful.
  • Helps to facilitate the recruitment and retention of students of color and LGBTQ students through support in transition to the University environment, informal social opportunities, and reducing barriers to institutional resources.

Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room

The Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room is maintained by the Office of Intercultural Student Engagement with funding made possible by the Graduate and Professional Student Association. The space is located in the Wing Student Lounge on the first floor of Alexander Hall in Portland and features moveable partitions, dimmable lighting, and soft seating for 10 or more persons. All persons are required to remove their shoes upon entering and are encouraged to record their attendance in the provided guest book.