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Head Injury Tracker Project

The Head Injury Tracker (H.I.T.) is a tool for athletic trainers and school officials to easily record and track concussions. H.I.T. was developed through the Maine Concussion Management Initiative Research Group at Colby College. With the H.I.T. Project, schools gain a better understanding of concussions and subsequent recovery in their student population. 

In 2013, we offered the tracker to more than 30 high schools in Maine and every college in the New England Small College Athletic Conference. We made the tracker available to all Maine high schools in August 2015, and all Massachusetts high schools in August 2016. The project continues to gain momentum and illuminate schools, parents, and athletes to the value of concussion statistics in their communities.

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Haley Driscoll
Project Manager and HIT Project Administrator, MCMI
(603) 860-2468


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