Alexandra Campbell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Criminology and Sociology

Alex Campbell teaches courses in criminology and sociology, including Medical Sociology, Deviance and Crime, and Media, Culture, and Crime. Her current scholarly interests focus on medicalization, criminalization, and power. 



Ph.D. Criminology
Cambridge University, UK
M.Phil Criminology
Cambridge University, UK
B.A. (Hons) Cultural Studies
University of York St. John


Current research

Carceral Medicine 

An examination of the ways in which medicine and the law work to regulate behavior. Focuses on mechanisms of criminalization and medicalization and the social control they exert on vulnerable communities. Explores the mutually reinforcing discourses of medicine and the law in shaping the policing of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Medicalization and Criminalization of Mothering

An examination of the multiple ways that ‘mothering’ has been medicalized and criminalized, 

Selected publications

Campbell, A. (2021) Cultural Criminology and Homeland in Grubb, J. and Posick, C. (eds) Streaming Criminology New York: NYU Press

Campbell, A (2017) “The Risky Mother: The Medicalization of Mothering” in Michelle Huges Miller et al Bad Mothers: Representations, Regulations, and Resistance Demeter Press 

Campbell, A (2017) “Framing Terrorism” in “The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Crime, Media, and Popular Culture” 

Campbell, A (2011) ‘Keeping the Lady Safe: The Regulation of Femininity Through   Crime Prevention Literature’ in Walklate, S. (ed) Gender and Crime London: Routledge (Reprint of original article previously published in Critical Criminology in 2005)

Campbell, A. 2010 ‘Imagining the War on Terror: Fiction, Film, and Framing’ in Hayward, K. and Presdee, M. (2010) eds Framing Crime: Cultural Criminology and the Image Oxford and New York: Routledge 98-114


Other scholarly activity

Selected Conference Papers

American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, GA. Pandemic Policing The Medicalization and Criminalization of the COVID-19 crisis November, 2022

Canadian Society of Sociology, Vancouver, BC, Carceral Medicine: Medicalizing and Criminalizing the Black Mother June, 2019

 American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia, PA. Monstrous Mothers: Medicalizing and Criminalizing the Gestating Body.  November, 2017.

 ACEI Global Summit on Childhood, San Jose, Costa Rica. Scientific Childhood: the medicalization and regulation of the first three years April, 2016

 Eastern Sociological Society Annual Conference, New York, New York. ‘Risky Borders: The Medicalization and Criminalization of Gestation’, February, 2015. 

 Annual International Crime, Media & Popular Culture Studies Conference, Terre Haute Indiana. ‘Hierarchies of Suffering: degrees of pain, degrees of justice’, September, 2014.

British Sociological Association, Annual Medical Sociology Conference, York, UK. ‘Soothing Science’: The Medicalization of Mothering, September, 2013.

American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. Suffering in Silence: Representation and the Disciplinary Effects of Silence, November, 2010.