Alexia Morgan

Alexia Morgan

Associate Research Faculty


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Selected publications

A. Morgan and G. Burgess. 2007. At-Vessel Fishing Mortality for Six Species of Sharks Caught in the Northwest Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Research 19:123-131

A. Morgan, P. Cooper, T. Curtis and G. Burgess. 2009. An overview of the United States East Coast Bottom Longline Shark-Fishery, 1994-2003. Marine Fisheries Review 71:23-38

A. Morgan and J.K. Carlson. 2009. The capture depth, time and hooked survival rate for bottom longline caught coastal sharks.  Fisheries Research 101:32-37

A. Morgan, T. Ford, L. Siceloff, L. Hale, G. Burgess, M. Allen, J. Carlson. 2010. Temporal and spatial distribution of finfish bycatch in the U.S. Atlantic bottom longline shark fishery.  Marine Fisheries Review 72:34-38

T. Storai, L. Zinzula, S. Repetto, M. Zuffa, A. Morgan and J. Mandelman.  2011.  Bycatch of large elasmobranchs in the traditional tuna traps (tonnare) of Sardinia from 1990 to 2009.  Fisheries Research 109:74-79

J.K. Carlson, L.F. Hale, A. Morgan and G. Burgess.  2012.  Relative abundance and size of coastal sharks from the northwest Atlantic Ocean derived from commercial shark longline catch and effort data.  Journal of Fish Biology 80:1749-1764

J.A. Sulikowski, B.K. Prohaska, A.E. Carlson, A.M. Cicia, C.T. Brown, and A.C. Morgan.  2013.  Observations of neonate spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias, in southern New England: a first account of a potential pupping ground in the Northwestern Atlantic.  Fisheries Research 137:59-62

A. Morgan and J. Sulikowski.  (2015).  The role of spiny dogfish in the Northeast United States continental shelf ecosystem: how it has changed over time and potential interspecific competition for resources.  Fisheries Research 167:260-277:

 C. Byron and Morgan, A. 2016. The role of spiny dogfish in gray and harbor seal diets in the Gulf of Maine. Marine Ecology and Progress Series 550:249-270.


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