Audrey Bartholomew

Audrey Bartholomew is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Education Department.  She teaches special education courses, both face to face and online, on introduction to special education, Autism, differentiation, and data-based decision making. Audrey's research interests include scholarship of her own teaching and learning, and how to include students with disabilities in general education through meaningful instruction.  Audrey has conducted extensive training in Maine and other states on writing effective and compliant transition plans and she volunteers her time as an educational surrogate for the Maine Department of Education.



Lehigh University


University of North Carolina Charlotte


University of Maryland


Secondary transition for students with disabilities

inclusive practices and schools

positive behavior support

effective online teaching practices

scholarship of teaching and learning


Current Research

Alignment between academic skills and secondary transition skills for students with disabilities, effective teacher preparation practices

Selected Publications


Bartholomew, A. & Griffin, N. (2017).  Using a Universal Design for Learning checklist to teach secondary transition skills. Manuscript under review in Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals


Bartholomew, A., Papay, C., McConnell, A., & Cease-Cook, J. (2015).  Embedding secondary transition in the Common Core State Standards. Teaching Exceptional Children, 47(6), 329-335.

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Audrey Bartholomew

Audrey Bartholomew



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