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Barbara J. Winterson

Barbara Winterson, Ph.D. received her BS in Psychology and PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Maryland.  She received postdoctoral training in oculomotor systems and neuroscience at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.  She joined the University of New England in 1979.  She has over 30 publications in multiple areas: eyemovements, reflex control and pain, and medical education.  While at UNE she, has taught physiology and neuroscience in graduate health sciences programs using a variety of teaching techniques: lecture, problem-based learning, case-based learning and most recently incorporating many of these techniques in the design of the multidisciplinary first year medical school course.  She is committed to teaching and learning fo health professionals that is meaningful and lasting  using new educational techniques with known efficacy.


Eye movements; vision; pain mechanisms; reflex motor control; neural plasticity; touch mechanisms; psychophysics

Medical education


Selected Publications

Dery M.A. Yonuschot G. Winterson B.J. (2000) The effects of manually applied intermittent pulsation pressure to rat ventral thorax on lymph transport. Lymphol. 33(2):58 61.

Wallas T.A., Winterson B.J., Ransil B.J., Bove G.M. (2003) Paw withdrawal thresholds and persistent hindlimb flexion in experimental mononeuropathies. J. Pain. 4(4): 222-230.  

Weissner,W., Winterson,B.J., Stuart-Tilley,A., Devor M., Bove, G.M. (2006) Time course of substance P expression in dorsal root ganglia following complete spinal nerve transaction. J.Comp.Neurol. 497: 78-87.

Robbins,A., Schmitt,D., Winterson,B.J., Meng, I.D., (2012) Chronic morphine increases Fos-positive neurons after concurrent cornea and tail stimulation. Headache 52(2): 262-273,


Research Topics

Barbara Winterson

Barbara J. Winterson




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