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Brian R. Duff

Brian Duff received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. He is the author of The Parent as Citizen, (The University of Minnesota Press). He has also published research on feminist theory, voting, and the politics of race and ethnicity.


Modern political theory; issues regarding the family and politics; the role of ideas about children in politics; American elections; public opinion; feminism; politics of race and ethnicity; patriotism.


Current Research

My first book explores the way ideas about parenthood have influenced the development of the concept of citizenship in modern democracies. I continue to do research regarding ideas about family and parenthood in American politics. I do this through the critical examination of public policy, engagements with political theory, and the examination of public opinion data about ideas about parenthood and children affect political attitudes and behavior. I also have an ongoing project examining new ways to understand who votes and who does not in America. I also publish research on the role of ideas about sexuality in masculine and feminine identity.

Research Interests

The family and politics

Selected Publications

Duff-preliminary-coverThe Parent as Citizen: A Democratic Dilemma.  (Book manuscript).  The University of Minnesota Press.  2011.

ÒConfession, Sexuality and Sacred Language: A reading of MacKinnon and Foucault.Ó  Forthcoming Sexualities 13:2, 2010.

ÒThe Pragmatics of Parenthood: Rorty and West on the Politics of the Family.Ó   Ethics & Politics (Etica & Politica).  12:1, 2010.  

"The Inertia of Sex: Henry Adams on Family and the Politics of Unconditional Love."  The Journal of Family History (July 2010; Vol. 35, No. 3).

ÒOn Gardens and Politics,Ó with Maria Rosales, in Beneath the Pavement, A Garden.  Amy Franceschini ed.  London: Loughborough University Press.  Forthcoming 2011.

ÒÔThe Pleasures Associated with the Reproduction of Men:Õ Rousseau on Desire and the ChildÓ in Mark Blackell, John Duncan and Simon Kow, eds. Rousseau and Desire.  University of Toronto Press, 2009.

ÒGood Excuses: Understanding Who Votes With an Improved Turnout QuestionÓ (with Mike Hanmer, Won-Ho Park and Ismail White).  Public Opinion Quarterly 71:1, 2007.

ÒThe Meaning of American National Identity: Patterns of Ethnic Conflict and ConsensusÓ (with Jack Citrin and Cara Wong).  In Richard D. Ashmore and Lee Jussim, eds. Social Identity, Intergroup Conflict, and Conflict Reduction.  New York: Oxford University Press.  2002.

Brian R. Duff



Chair, Associate Professor

Decary Hall

(207) 602-2535