Brianna Bates Parsons

Brianna Bates Parsons, Ed.D.

Assistant Director of Curriculum and Research


Off Campus

Brianna Parsons is an Adjunct Assistant Lecturer at the University of New England, in the department of Education.  In addition to teaching at UNE, Parsons works as an English Instructor for the Maine Community Colleges, as well as an Educational Consultant.  In the role of consultant, she fuses the need and value of education with the demands of the business environment, and as an English instructor, develops and teaches both live and online course curriculum, focusing on writing, scholarship and research.  Furthermore, she operates an editing, advising and coaching company, specializing in the dissertation journey of doctoral students.



Northeastern University
Chatham University
University of Maine, Orono


Current research

Phenomenological exploration of new post-doctorate professionals seeking employment.

Research interests

The influence of gender and socio-economic standing in relation to academic and personal leadership. Group dynamics and the effect on motivation.