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Carolyn Marie Marcotte, Ph.D.

Senior Teaching Professor


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Dr. Carol Marcotte completed her doctorate in School Administration & Supervision at Berne University International Graduate School in St. Kitts, West Indies. Her primary specialty areas include educational leadership and literacy instruction.

Carol’s education career started as a regular classroom and special education teacher. Multi-age and looping schedules were part of her classroom expertise as well as being a resource room teacher.  Being passionate about school improvement and cultivating teacher leaders, she was a principal for 8 years. Her first role at University of New England was an adjunct faculty, starting in 2001. During that time she transferrred her knowledge about school reform and school improvement into the online program. As a Senior Lecturer in the Educational Department at UNE, Carol’s primary responsibility mostly Lead Instructor for the Certificates in Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) courses. She also teaches courses in the MSEd:  Educational Leadership program. Carol enjoys being a University Supervisor to undergraduate student teachers in the Education department. In this role, she is able to visit K-12 schools and engage in current best practices with staff and administrators.

Dr. Marcotte is a past president of Maine Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and has served on several critical committees for the international curriculum development organization ASCD.  One of her accomplishment was as a delegate for the Ambassador-to-Ambassador Education program working with Vietnam and Cambodia educational agencies.

As principal, Carol was an instructional leader starting Professional Learning Communities before they became part of today's school reform. Supporting students through supporting teachers was her focus. Many teacher leaders were developed under Carol's expertise and guidance in both the schools where she was principal. She was nominated for Principal of the Year by her RiverView Community staff in South Gardiner, Maine.

Carol's next role was Director of Curriculum and Instruction in U#7 (Saco/Dayton, ME) where she led her staff and administrators through school reform. One of the accomplishments in school reform was working with the ME Department of Education staff with Continuous Improvement Priority Schools in the district. This work led to increased student achievement. Some of the aspects to this growth were building capacity by coaching teacher leaders, designing data teams to support student assessment and achievement, leading professional development initatives, and implementing the CCSS, managing Title I, II, III, IV, and V grants. Carol worked with Dr Susan Hillman of the University of New England to receive a funded grant of $80,000 to implement math reform in her schools. She guided the Math Curriculum Design Team through the research of best practices in math and five year implementation process as she worked side by side with teacher leaders and building principals and Unversity of New England staff.

Carol is a voracious learner and has been a member of the Maine Curriculum Leaders’ Association since it began. In 2010 the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association acknowledged Carol as Curriculum Leader of the Year in Maine. In addition, Carol was presented with the Friends of UNE award twice. Among her numerous honors, First Lady Barbara Bush presented Carol the Maine Family Literacy Grant in 2006 and 2008.

Among her many passions is literacy. She was able to travel to Australia and New Zealand when a Principal at Margaret Chase Smith School in Sanford, ME and bring back some rich literacy instruction to her staff. Part of her educational trip was observing teachers in Australian schools conducting Reading Recovery® lessons and Running Records with their students. Carol brought these Marie Clay practices back to her staff as they were implementing the same practices in their school.

Carol became a founding Board Member of the Learning Forward New England (formerly New England Staff Development Council), in 2009. Carol has been President and Past President of Learning Forward New England. She is currently a Consultant for this organization. 

In 2013, Carol was selected as a Teacher Scholar at the University of New England. Her project was designing orientation modules for administrative mentors. The on line modules were designed to deliver high quality training to mentors as they support administrative principal and superintendent intern candidates with ongoing supervision, guidance, and evaluation.  In 2014, Carol presented her project, “Research Based Course Design for Supervisors of Aspiring School Administrators:  Effective Mentor Characteristics.  at a NERA poster session in Connecticut and at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM.

Carol is a previous School Board Chair of Regional School Unit 23 - Old Orchard Beach, ME. Her passion for supporting students is based on educational, physical and mental supports. Through collabortive efforts incoming Pre-K and K students were able to obtain free dental screening.

As a member of the Maine's School for Excellent Incentive Grant Educator Preparation and Employment P-K Leadership Council she leads the effort to strenghthen and enhance the parternships between educator preparation programs and K-12 educators for the purpose of creating a seamless continuum of high quality educators from preparation to veteran status. Part of this work include refining the Professional Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) system.

Recently, Carol had a manuscript published.

Marcotte, C., Ph.D. (2017). Effective Mentoring Characteristics and Online Training. International Journal of Instructional Techology and Distance Learning. 14(5). 73-86. Retreived May, 2017. from

Carol has been very involved in humanitarian efforts with St. Maarten to support the students and schools on the island after the Hurrican Irma devastation which resulted in donating over 1400 pounds of school supplies.

Carol has recently donated literature to the Santo Domingo Schools in New Mexico. In April 2019, she provided students with 20 new literature books for their classrooms. During July 2019, Carol traveled to Buffalo, Wyoming and donated children's literature to the Johnson County Family Crisis Center as well as bringing children's books to the Player Development program in St. Maarten. Most recently she has visited New Mexico again and provided more children's literature and educational activities to the Kewa Peublo and Santo Domingo Schools. Las Vegas, New Mexico is one of her favorite towns. 

Carol has been a member of the Saco Bay Sunset Rotary Club (SBSR) since May 2019. Some of the "service above self"  humanitarian efforts that Carol has been involved in is: Crutches for Africa, Epilespy Foundation Clothing Drive and World Map painting at Loranger Memorial School playground. She is the commmittee leaders for the Rising Stars group. The are focusing on ridding human trafficking. As of August 2019, Carol is a board member of SBSR.

Carol believes in innovative teaching both on line and face-to-face classes. Her on line graduate courses include an additional element of adding weekly informational vidoes about the course content which extends and enhances learning for her students. An example of one of her face-to-face undergraduate courses is to to bring speakers into the classroom. EDU 105-Exploring Teaching was visited via SKYPE by US Senator King. His message was the importance of education.


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