Carrie J Byron

Carrie J. Byron, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Marine Science Center 219
Biddeford Campus

My research is grounded in marine ecology and integrates and interdisciplinary approach. Research disciplines include aquaculture, fisheries and coastal management. Previous projects have been based in freshwater, estuarine and marine habitats including temperate lakes, Atlantic rocky shorelines, temperate barrier-beach lagoons, tropical coral reefs and Pacific glacial fjords. I enjoy working on projects that look at biotic and abiotic dynamics and interactions as they apply to conservation and/or social development issues. My current research focuses on sustainable ecological aquaculture and food web dynamics in Maine's coastal waters.



University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Massachusetts-Boston
University of Rhode Island

Board Certifications and Licenses

SCUBA Rescue Diver

Post-Doctoral Training

Post-Doctoral Training, Ecosystem Modeling
Gulf of Maine Research Institute (Portland, Maine)


Current research

  • Ecological and social carrying capacity for aquaculture
  • Modeling food web dynamics
  • Detrital contribution to bivalve shellfish nutrition and estuarine food webs
  • Use of stable isotopes and lipids to characterize food web interactions

Other scholarly activity

Research topics

Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences
Climate Change
Fisheries Ecosystems
Marine Conservation Ecology
Marine Entrepreneurship
Ocean Ecosystem Based Management

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