Clara Omogbai

My professional and educational background consists of both international and domestic experience in Public Health Practice. These experiences have provided me with the opportunity to develop quantitative and qualitative skills needed to design, implement, monitor and evaluate behavior change interventions on various Public Health programs. All of my work experiences have involved direct contact in the capacity of serving, problem solving and building trust relationships. My future goal is a world free of health disparities and equality for all. 


DrPH, Health Promotion and Education

Loma Linda, University School of Public Health

MPH, International Health and Development

Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

MLS, Library and Information Science

University of Ibadan, Faculty of Education

BS, Human Kinetics and Health Education

University of Ibadan, Faculty of Education


Global Health


Current Research

My most current research focuses on breast cancer disparities. At a time when Black women's breast cancer incidence rates have reached that of white women, mortality rates are higher and average age of breast cancer onset lower. Growing evidence suggests that breast cancer in Black women is different and why this is the case continues to be largely unknown. Given recent findings that hair products may be part of a multi-faceted equation leading to breast cancer in Black women, we used qualitative research methods to explore Black women's perceived risk for breast cancer and hair products using the tenets of the Health Belief Model.

Research Interests

Infectious and Chronic Diseases, International health, HIV & AIDS, Maternal and Child Health

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Clara Omogbai

Clara Omogbai



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