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Craig Owens

Craig lives in Western Maine with his wife Anne Marie and faithful companion Max; a unique labrador/boxer that never tires of hiking and chasing anything that runs.  As a 2001 graduate of the UNE School of Social Work, Craig is a fervent believer that given the right resources and support individuals, families, and communities can heal and grow from individual and systemic trauma and oppression and reclaim their rightful claim to living healthy and dignified lives. He is passionate about social justice inclusion at all levels in our global society; advocating for change through education and social action. Craig’s social work practice has been focused on Crisis Stabilization, Mental Health and Addictions, Aging, Grief and Loss, and integrating Trauma Informed principles of care in working with individuals, families, and communities. Craig has been a long-standing student and practitioner of narrative theory and the power and healing narrative offers individuals, families, and communities, through re-writing and re-claiming our personal history and story. He is honored to be on the faculty at the University of New England and deeply passionate about student learning and growth and loves to engage students in critical thinking and practice activities that strengthen clinical and community practice skills.


Trauma Informed Care

Individual and Family Therapy

Aging with Dignity


Specializing in Narrative approaches to complex issues

Craig Owens

Craig Owens



Assistant Clinical Professor

Portland Campus

Hersey Hall
Room 423

(207) 221-4205

On Campus