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Craig Tennenhouse

Craig is from Maryland and Indiana, and has taught in Colorado, California, and North Dakota. He lives in Portland, ME with his wife, 2 kids, and a cat. Craig likes board games, rock climbing, and spending time outdoors with his family.




University of Chicago


University of Colorado


University of Colorado Denver


Extremal graph theory

combinatorial game theory


Current Research

Graph theoretic applications in the sciences, Combinatorial Game Theory, Graph Theory

Research Interests

Extremal graphs, Combinatorial game theory

Selected Publications

Recent publications:

C. Tennenhouse, "Edge-critical G,H colorings", Ars Combin., Vol. 138, (2018) 403-413

C. Tennenhouse, "Impartial poker nim", Internat. J. of Game Th., (2016) 1-11

C. Tennenhouse, "Induced subgraph-saturated graphs", Th. and Appl. of Graphs, Vol. 3:2, (2016)

C.J. Byron, C. Tennenhouse, "Commonality in structure among food web models”, Network Biology, Vol. 5:4, (2015) 146-162

J. Quinlan, C. Tennenhouse, “Perceived utility of typesetting homework in post-Calculus mathematics courses”, PRIMUS, Vol. 26:1, (2015) 53-66

C. Tennenhouse, “A new parameter on resolving sets with a realizable triple”, Australasian J. of Combin., Vol. 63:1, (2015) 115-129

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Craig Tennenhouse



Associate Professor

Biddeford Campus

Decary Hall

(207) 602-2380

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