David Robert Grimm

Dr. Grimm has been teaching human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology for the past 20 years in settings ranging from community college to medical school. Other areas of teaching interest include neuroscience and human nutrition. He received his doctorate in Applied Physiology from Columbia University in 1995 and completed his post-doctoral training at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the area of spinal cord injury. His current research focus includes examining the effects of art making as a mechanism for stress and anxiety reduction in college-aged students. 



Columbia University



Lock Haven University


Post-Doctoral Training

Autonomic dysfunction in spinal cord injury

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

New York

New York


Human anatomy and physiology

Human nutrition


Research Interests

Autonomic nervous system dysfunction in individuals with mechanical and neurological spinal disorders

Selected Publications

Sandmire, D.A., Gorham, S.R., Rankin, N.E., Grimm, D.R.  (2012) The Influence of Art Making on Anxiety, Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 29(2):68-73, 2012.

Grimm DR, Cuningham B, Burke J. Autonomic Nervous System Function among Individuals with Acute Musculoskeletal Injury. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 28(1): 44-51, 2005.

Wecht JM, De Meersman RE, Weir JP, Spungen AM, Bauman WA, Grimm DR. The Effects of Autonomic Disruption and Endurance Training on Cardiovascular Control. Clinical Autonomic Research 11: 29-34, 2001.

Wecht JM, De Meersman RE, Weir JP, Bauman WA, Grimm DR. The Effects of Autonomic Disruption and Inactivity on Venous Vascular Function. American Journal of Physiology 278:H515-H520, 2000.

Grimm DR, Arias E, Lesser M, Bauman WA, Almenoff PL. Airway Hyperresponsiveness to Ultrasonically Nebulized Distilled Water in Subjects with Tetraplegia. Journal of Applied Physiology 86(4): 1165-1169, 1999.

Grimm DR, Almenoff PL, Bauman WA, De Meersman RE. Baroreceptor Sensitivity Response to Phase IV of the Valsalva Maneuver in Spinal Cord Injury. Clinical Autonomic Research 8: 111-118, 1998.

Grimm DR, De Meersman RE, Garofano RP, Spungen AM, Bauman WA. The Effects of Provocative Maneuvers on Heart Rate Variability in Subjects with Quadriplegia. American Journal of Physiology 268(37): H2239-H2245, 1995.

Sandmire, D. A., Rankin, N. E., Gorham, S. R., Eggleston, D. T., French, C. A., Lodge, E. E., Kuns, G. C., & Grimm, D. R. (2015). Psychological and autonomic effects of art making in college-aged students. Anxiety, Stress & Coping: An International Journal, doi:10.1080/10615806.2015.1076798 

David Grimm

David Robert Grimm



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