Headshot of Ellen Beaulieu

Ellen Beaulieu, Ed.D.

Vice President for Strategy and Communications


Ginn Hall

Ellen Beaulieu brings outstanding academic and administrative experience to her role as the Vice President for Strategy and Communications. Dr. Beaulieu has facilitated university-level strategic planning, implementation mapping, plan communication and evaluation — all important processes for enhancing institutional effectiveness. Currently, she is leading the Communications professional staff team and coordinating systems for program and institutional innovation.

Ellen Beaulieu has served as a UNE program director and VPAA, along with other administrative and faculty roles. She is a graduate of Northeastern University and the University of Hawaii, where she focused on cultural impacts on health status and economic development of individuals and communities. As an adult learner, she completed her doctoral studies in higher education administration at Nova Southeastern University where she received the prestigious Community of Scholars Award for her essay titled "The Learning Culture of the Next Century: Making Connections."



Current research

Evaluating the impact of early preventive oral health programs on oral health status of children newborn to age 5.

Selected publications

"Partnerships for Better Oral Health," International Journal of Dental Hygiene, 1, 2003;101-104. "Early childhood caries prevention: Early intervention by the dental hygienist," The Journal of Practical Hygiene. May/June, 2001, 15-19.

Research interests

Improving oral health in community settings through program development and policy analysis.