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Frank J. Daly

Dr. Frank Daly has focused on vertebrate retinal biology and is currently an associate professor of biomedical science at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Daly received his Ph.D. in Anatomy and Neurobiology from Boston University and subsequently held a research associate position at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Boston. Dr. Daly has research interest in the developing nervous system, using immuno-histochemistry and other molecular techniques to investigate melanopsin in the retina of the Nassau Grouper, the effects of Morbillivirus in the spinal cord of Harbor Seals, and early markers of retinal vascular defects in rodents.



Boston University School of Medicine



Stonehill College


Post-Doctoral Training

Cellular Neurobiology

Howard Hughes Medical Institute - MGH




Vertebrate Retina Anatomy

Physiology histology


In Suit Hybridization


Selected Publications

Verenna AA, Bove GM, Brown JM, Daly FJ, Pastore AM, Barbe MF (2016) Dorsal Scapular Artery Variations & Relationship to the Brachial Plexus and a Related Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Case, Journal of Brachial Plexus &      Peripheral Nerve Injury 11:e21-e28.


Daly FJ, Bolender DL, Jain D, Uyeda S, Hoagland T (2015) Posterior approach to kidney dissection: An old surgical approach for integrated medical curricula, Anatomical Sciences Education 8:555-563.


Daly FJ (2009) Use of electronic anatomy practical examinations for remediating “at risk” students,               Anatomical Sciences Education 3:46-49.


Rockhill R, Daly FJ, MacNeil MA, Brown S and Masland RH (2002)The diversity of ganglion cells in a mammalian retina, Journal of Neuroscience 22(9): 3831-3843.


Dunbar RIM, Cornah L, Daly FJ and Bowyer KM (2002) Vigilance in human groups: A test of alternative  hypothesis, Behaviour 139: 695-711.


Daly FJ and Sandell JH (2000) Inherited retinal degeneration and apoptosis in mutant zebrafish,  Anatomical Record 258: 145-155.


Funded Grants

2003 Melanopsin in the eye of the Nassau Grouper, Part 3 ($2,000) University of New England College of Arts and Science.

2002 Melanopsin in the eye of the Nassau Grouper, Part 2 ($2,000) University of New England College of Arts and Science; 2002 Concanavalin A in the diabetic retina ($2,400) University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Frank J. Daly



Associate Professor, Anatomy

Biddeford Campus

Stella Maris

(207) 602-2415

On Campus