Gail Tudor

Gail E. Tudor, PhD, MS


Off Campus

I serve as the primary resource for designing, conducting and analyzing research studies for Husson University.  In addition I serve as the biostatistical consultant for the Department of Clinical Research at Eastern Maine Medical Center, am an adjunct professor for the University of New England and an external graduate faculty member at the University of Maine.   I have over 25 years of experience in providing statistical consultation for biomedical investigators.  I have successfully collaborated with 16 different principal investigators on 23 grants over the last 21 years with an emphasis on research that looks at improving physician and patient communication or changing group behavior.



PhD, Biostatistics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MS, Biometry
University of Minnesota
BA, Biometry
University of Minnesota


Current research

As a public health professional I am particularly interested in research that concentrates on affordable ways to get a large amount of individuals to change their behavior in a positive way.  Studying the relationship between providers and patients is an effective way to do this as patients with chronic disease visit their health care provider regularly.  Engaging the patient in his or her clinical visits increases self-efficacy, medication adherence and overall health. Understanding what characteristics of physicians and patients increase this engagement is beneficial to all areas of medicine.

Research interests

Distance Learning, Pedagogy, Physician-Patient Communication, Effects of Nutrition Education on Groups