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James M. Norton

A.B. Classical Languages, College of the Holy Cross, 1967 -- Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Dartmouth Medical School, 1969 -- Pre-doctoral Fellow, Department of Physiology, Dartmouth Medical School, 1969-1970 -- Harvard Medical School, 1970-1971 -- Research Assistant, Maine Medical Center Research Department, 1971-1974 -- Ph.D. in Physiology, Dartmouth College, 1979 -- Postdoctoral Fellow, Maine Medical Center Department of Research, 1978-1980 -- University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1980-present (Assistant Professor, 1980-1984 -- Associate Professor, 1984-1990 -- Professor, 1990-present -- Physiology Department chairperson, 1988-2002, 2007-2012).



Dartmouth College Graduate School of Arts and Sciences



College of the Holy Cross



Dartmouth Medical School


Post-Doctoral Training

Research Department

Maine Medical Center




Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology and pathophysiology; evolutionary biology; evolutionary medicine.


Current Research

My current research interest is medical student beliefs in evolution and human origins. Data from seven [7] consecutive UNECOM classes has been gathered and presented as posters, and manuscript(s) are being prepared for eventual publication.

Research Interests

Erythrocyte development and deformability; the physiological basis for osteopathic manipulative procedures

Selected Publications

Norton, J.M. A visual model for teaching ventilation-perfusion relationships. Advances in Physiology Education 24(1):38-42, 2000.

Norton, J.M. Toward consistent definitions for Preload and Afterload. Advances in Physiology Education 25:53-61, 2001.

Hartman, S.E., and J.M. Norton. Interexaminer Reliability and Cranial Osteopathy. Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, 6(1):23-34, 2002.

Hartman, S.E., and J.M. Norton. A review of King HH and Lay EM, "Osteopathy in the Cranial Field," in Foundations for Osteopathic Medicine, 2nd ed. Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, 8(2):24-28.

Norton, J.M. A functional model for the rib cage of Deinonychus antirrhopus. (Manuscript re-submitted after review to the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology)

Norton, J.M. Medical student beliefs in human origins. FASEB J. 2008 22:575.1

Other Scholarly Activity

Norton, J.M. Results of a limited survey of PowerPoint usage among medical, graduate and undergraduate science faculty. Presented at the 8th Annual IAMSE Meeting in New Orleans, LA, July, 2004.
Norton, J.M. Osteopathic medical student acceptance of

James Norton

James M. Norton



Professor Emeritus of Physiology