Jeffrey Parmelee

Jeffrey Parmelee, Ph.D.

Teaching Professor


Decary 347
Biddeford Campus

I currently teach mostly Anatomy & Physiology, but am an evolutionary biologist/ecologist by training.  I am primarily interested in reptiles and amphibians, but have broad interests in all vertebrates and natural history as a whole from fungi to plants to insects.  I am currently the faculty advisor for two student clubs at UNE: the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club and the UNE FunGi’s.



Ph.D., Systematics and Ecology
University of Kansas
M.S., Biology
Illinois State University
B.A., Biology
Illinois Wesleyan University


Animal behavior
Conservation biology
Evolution of human disease
Evolutionary biology
Natural history
Wetland ecology


Selected publications

LeClair, G., Chatfield, M. W. H., Wood, Z., Parmelee, J., & Frederick, C. A. 2021. Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on amphibian road mortality. Conservation Science and Practice, e535.

Bates, A. E., R. B. Primack... J. Parmelee... 2021. Global COVID-19 lockdown highlights humans as both threats and custodians of the environment, Biological Conservation, Volume 263:109175.

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Wang, Y-M, J. Parmelee, Y-W Guo, and I-H Tsai. 2010. Absence of phospholipase A2 in most Crotalus horridus venom due to translation blockage: comparison with Crotalus horridus atricaudatus venom. Toxicon  56(1):93-100.

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Christiansen, J. L. and J. R. Parmelee. 2003. A Key to the Eggs and Nests of Iowa Turtles.  Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science. 110(3-4):44-50.

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Parmelee, J. R. 1999. Trophic ecology of a tropical anuran assemblage. Scientific Papers of the Natural History Museum, University of Kansas 11:1–59.

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Parmelee, J. R. and C. Guyer. 1995. Sexual differences in foraging behavior of an anoline lizard, Norops humilis. J. Herpetol. 29(4):619–621.

Other scholarly activity

Associate Editor, Herpetological Conservation and Biology (2014-2018)

Editor, Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 2004-2008; Associate Editor for Zoology 2002-3

Herpetology Subcommittee of the Iowa DNR 2008-10

Herpetological Consultant, EPA/IDOT study, Ecological assessment of compensatory wetland mitigation. 2005-2006

Co-Investigator, Amphibian and reptile surveys of Wapsipinicon river public lands in Clinton and Scott counties, Iowa. 2002

Herpetological Consultant, USGS project: Farm ponds as critical habitats for native amphibians. 2000-2