John Mandelman



University of Rochester, NY



Northeastern University


Post-Doctoral Training

Edgerton Research Laboratory

New England Aquarium




Conservation physiology and the physiological ecology of marine fishes; the physiological alterations and resultant mortality due to anthropogenic stressors

specifically fishing capture

in sharks

rays and skates; bycatch mitigation in sharks

rays and


Current Research

The post-release mortality of sublegal Atlantic cod caught by recreational angling; condition and discard mortality of skates in the sea scallop dredge fishery; behavioral and blood chemical consequences of longline capture in various carcharhinid sharks in Cape Eleuthera (The Bahamas); physiological response of the yellow stingray to acute and chronic anthropogenic stressors; the effects of sample processing factors on blood gas measurements in teleosts, elasmobranchs and turtles.

Research Interests

My labÕs research centers on the conservation physiology of marine fishes

Selected Publications

Jordan, L.K., Mandelman, J.W., McComb, D.M., Fordham, S.V., Carlson, J.C., Werner, T.B. 2013. Linking sensory biology and fisheries bycatch reduction in elasmobranch fishes: A review with new directions for research. Conservation Physiology. 1: doi: 10.1093/conphys/cot002

Mandelman, J.W., Cicia, A.M., Ingram Jr., G.W., Driggers III, W. B., Coutre, K.M., Sulikowski, J.A. 2013. Short-term post-release mortality of skates (family Rajidae) discarded in a western North
Atlantic commercial otter trawl fishery. Fish. Res. 139:76_84.

Taylor, J. K. D., Mandelman, J. W., McLellan, W. A., Moore, M. J., Skomal, G. B., Rotstein, D. S. and Kraus, S. D. 2013. Shark predation on North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) in the southeastern United States calving ground. Mar. Mamm. Sci. 29:204_212.

Mandelman, J.W., Morrison, R.A., Cavin, J.M., Farrington, M.A. 2012. The blood chemical status of Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua, following capture by jig and demersal longline with differential hook removal methods. J. Fish Biol. 81: 1406_1414.

Skomal, G.B., Mandelman, J.W. (equal contribution to authorship). 2012. The physiological response to anthropogenic stressors in marine elasmobranch fishes: a review with a focus on the secondary response. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. 162: 146_155.

Cicia, A.M., Schlenker, L.S., Sulikowski, J.A., Mandelman, J.W. 2012. Seasonal variations in the
physiological stress response to discrete bouts of aerial exposure in the little skate, Leucoraja erinacea. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. 162:130_138.

Brooks, E.J., Mandelman, J.W., Sloman, K.A., Liss, S., Danylchuck, A.J., Cooke, S.J., Skomal, G.B., Philipp, D.P., Sims, D.W., Suski, C.D. 2012. The physiological response of the Caribbean reef
shark (Carcharhinus perezi) to longline capture. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. A. 162:94_100.

Jordan, L., Mandelman, J., Kajiura, S. 2011. Behavioural responses to weak electric fields and a lanthanide metal in two shark species. J. Exp Mar. Biol. & Ecol. 409:345_350.


Funded Grants

(2013-2014) Elucidating post-release mortality and 'best capture and handling' methods in sublegal Atlantic cod discarded in Gulf of Maine recreational hook-and-line fisheries ($248,659 - Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program: NOAA/NMFS); co-PI Dr James Sulikowski

(2012-2014) Shark stress and survival work in Eleuthera (Bahamas) (co-PI: Edd Brooks, Shark Research and Conservation Program, Cape Eleuthera Institute/Island School) ($100,000 - private research gift)

(2012-2014) Evaluating the Condition and Discard Mortality of Skates Following Capture and Handling in the Sea Scallop Dredge Fishery ($1,092,643 - Scallop Research Set Aside Program: NOAA/NMFS); PI: Dave Rudders; co-PI: James Sulikowski

(2010) Assessing the stress of catch and release angling on coastal sharks ($15,000 - Save Our Seas Foundation); co-PIs: Drs. Andy Danylchuk, Steven Cooke, Cory Suski

(2009-2010) Efficacy of electropositive metals to reduce shark bycatch in long line fisheries ($111,452 - NOAA/Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction); co-PI: Dr. Steve Kajiura

(2008-2009) The Immediate and Short-Term Post-Release Mortality of Species in the Northwest Atlantic Skate Complex Captured by Gillnet and Otter-Trawl ($247,000 - NOAA/NMFS Saltonstall-Kennedy (S & K) Grant); co-PI: Dr. James Sulikowski

(2007-2013) The biological impacts of the exclusion zone around the deepwater Liquid Natural Gas terminals in Massachusetts Bay ($1,200,000 - Excelerate Eenergy, L.L.C. and Suez Energy, L.L.C.)

John Mandelman

John Mandelman



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