karen pardue

Karen T. Pardue, Ph.D., RN, CNE, FNAP, ANEF

Interim Provost

Dean, Westbrook College of Health Professions

Professor, School of Nursing and Population Health


Bush Center 304
On campus

Karen is the Dean for the Westbrook College of Health Professions. She brings to this role 7 years of experience as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, providing leadership in health profession curriculum development and outcomes assessment, faculty development, and speciality accreditation expertise. Her research and scholarship focuses on interprofessional (IPE) curriculum development and evaluation. Karen led the design and implementation of UNE's innovative undergraduate IPE coursework.   

Her experience in nursing education is diverse, having held faculty and administrative positions in associate, RN to BSN, generic BSN, and master's level programs. For 10 years, she executed international teaching and leadership roles through a unique RN to BSN partnership program between the University of New England and Israel College in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She is active in statewide and national organizations addressing higher education and the preparation of health professionals. She is an invited member to the National League for Nursing (NLN) Strategic Action Group on Disseminating IPE and Collaborative Practices, and led the NLN Task Group on Innovation in Nursing Education. She was appointed by the Govenor to the New England Board of Higher Education where she currently chairs the Maine delegation; and has served as a mentor in the national NLN/Johnson & Johnson Faculty Mentoring program.  

Karen has published and presented widely on innovative pedagogies, IPE, and evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning. She is on the editorial board for Nurse Educator, and provides manuscript review for a number of nursing and interprofessional education journals. Karen was inducted as a Fellow into the Academy of Nursing Education (ANEF) in 2007, and she currently Chairs the Fellow Selection Committee. She is a recepient of grant awards from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Bingham Program Foundation, and a Josiah Macy President's Award targeting IPE curriculum and faculty development.



M.S., B.S.
Russell Sage College, Troy, NY
Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Board Certifications and Licenses

Registered Nurse (RN): State of Maine, Board of Licensure for Nurses


Current research

Current research and scholarship activity includes investigating the efficacy and impact of an innovative interprofessional curriculum for nursing and health profession students - Member of a national Interprofessional Education Research Collaborative investigating the efficacy of early IPE involving UNE, St. Louis University, University of Louisianna New Orleans & Virginia Commonwealth University.

Exploring lived experiences of academic nursing leadership and best practices for leadership.

Selected publications

Pardue, K.T., Young, P., Horton-Deutch, S., Halstead, J., & Pearsall, C. (2018). Becoming a nurse faculty leader: Taking risks by being willing to fail. Nursing Forum, 53(2), 204-212.

Pardue, K.T., Cohen Konrad, S., & Dunbar, D. (2017). Weaving interprofessional education into nursing curricula. [Invited book chapter]. In Oermann, M. (Ed.), Teaching in Nursing: The Complete Guide. 2nd edition. New York: Springer Publishing, Chapter 8.

Pardue, K.T., Cohen Konrad, S., Morton, J., & Mason, T. (2017). Community-based Interprofessional Education: Partnerships Promoting Health & Well-being. [Invited book chapter]. In Speakman, E. (Ed.), Interprofessional Education for Nurse Educators. NY: NLN Publishing, Chapter 7, 75-89.

Young, P., Pardue, K.T., & Horton-Deutch, S. (2015). Practices of Reflective Leaders. [Invited book chapter]. In Sherwood, G & Horton-Deutch, S. Reflective Organizations. Indianapolis: SIgma Theta Tau Publishing, Chapter 3, 49-67.

Pardue, K.T. (2015). A framework for the design, implementation, and evaluation of interprofessional education. Nurse Educator, 40(1), 10-15.

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Pearsall, C., Pardue, K.T., Horton-Deutsch, S., Young, P., Halstead, J., Nelson, K., Morales, M., & Zungolo, E. (2014). Becoming a nurse faculty leader: Taking risks by doing your homework. Journal of Professional Nursing, 30(1), 26-33. 

Pardue, K.T. (2013). Not left to chance: Introducing an undergraduate interprofessional education curriculum. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 27(1), 98-100.

Stiles, K., Pardue, K.T., Young, P., & Morales, M. (2011). Becoming a nurse faculty leader: Practices of leading illuminated through advancing reform. Nursing Forum, 46(2), 91-101.

Neuman, L., Pardue, K.T., Grady, J., Gray, M., Hobbins, B., Edelstein, J., & Herrman, J. (2009). What does an innovative teaching assignment mean to students? Nursing Education Perspectives, 30(3), 159-163.

Pardue, K.T., & Morgan, P. (2008). Millennials considered: A new generation, new approaches, and implications for nursing education. Nursing Education Perspectives, 29(2), 74-79.

MacRae, N. & Pardue, K.T. (2007). Use of readers theater to enhance interdisciplinary geriatric education. Educational Gerontology, (33), 529-536.

Pardue, K.T.  (2006). A first step toward reform:  Results of the faculty survey on innovation. Nursing Education Perspectives, 27(1), 56-57.

Pardue, K.T. (2005). Blending aesthetics and empirics:  Teaching health assessment in an art gallery. Journal of Nursing Education, 44(7), 334-338.

Pardue, K.T., Tagliareni, E., Valiga, T., Davison-Price, M. & Orehowsky, S. (2005). Substantive innovation in nursing education: Shifting the emphasis from content coverage to student learning. Nursing Education Perspectives, 26(1), 55-57.

Invited plenary presentation

Pardue, K.T. (2016). Transforming Hearts and Minds in IPE: Narrative Learning and Readers Theater. [Plenary Presentation]. All Together Better Health, Oxford, UK., September 9.

Pardue, K.T., & Tagliareni, E. (2016). New Faculty Immersion Workshop: The Basics. National League for Nursing, Washington, DC, July 25 & 26. 

Pardue, K.T. (2016). 2016 Quest Symposium: Developing an IPE Scholarship Agenda. [Invited Keynote}. Baptist College of Health Sciences, April 21. 

Pardue, K.T., & O'Reilly, C. (2015). New Faculty Immersion Workshop: The Basics. National League for Nursing, Washington, DC, June 5 & 6. 

Pardue, K.T. (2014). Fostering Interprofessional Education: Barriers, Challenges, & Strategies. ATI National Nursing Education Summit, Orlando, FL., April 14. 

Cohen-Konrad, S., & Pardue, K.T. (2013). Collaborative Healthcare Education: Innovation and Leadership. The Mary Switzer Endowed Lecture: Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals (ASAHP), Orlando, FL, October 24. 

Cohen-Konrad, S., & Pardue, K.T. (2013). Building and Sustaining an Interprofessional Culture for Campus and Clinical Education. [Keynote Address], St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN, May 1. 

Pardue, K.T. (2013). Learning to Work Together: Concepts, Challenges & Rewards of Interprofessional Education & Practice, [Keynote Address], State University of New York, Farmingdale, NY, March 15.

Pardue, K.T. (2012). Learning to Collaborate: Challenges & Rewards of IPE.  Pursuing Radical Transformation in Nursing Education conference, [Plenary Address], Duke University School of Nursing, Durham, NC, November 3. 

Pardue, K.T. (2011). First Year Students’ Perceptions of Interprofessional Learning & Collaborative Working. Collaborating Across Borders Conference, Tucson, AZ, November 21. 

Research interests

Evaluation of interprofessional education and collaborative practice

Innovation in health profession education

Integration of the arts and humanities in nursing/ health profession education

Academic leadership experiences, with a focus on the practice of risk taking

Research topics

Educational Leadership

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