Kate Callahan


DrPH, Epidemiology

East Tennessee State University

MPH, Epidemiology

San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health

BS, Community Health Education

University of Maine at Farmington

BA, Business Economics

University of Maine at Farmington


Community Assessment

Environmental Health


Program Planning and Evaluation


Current Research

HIV Care service utilization differences among US and Foreign Born populations in Maine. Differences between parent perception and actual weight status of their children. Effectiveness of legislation that restricts smoking in vehicles containing children. 

Research Interests

Child and adolescent health regarding the association between health behaviors and health outcomes. The association between parent influence and child health outcomes. Adolescent self-esteem and sexual health behaviors. Addressing stigma and resource gaps among marginalized populations. 

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Kate Callahan-Myrick

Kate Callahan



Off Campus


(207) 779-4004

Teaching Online