Headshot of Kathleen Becker

Kathleen A. Becker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, COM


Pickus Center for Biomedical Research 209
Biddeford Campus

Dr. Becker is interested in novel mechanisms governing bone formation and how dysregulation of these pathways lead to osteoporosis and increased risk of fracture. Specifically, our laboratory focuses on the role of cell signaling proteins in the osteoblast and the impact of peripheral nerve injury on bone formation. The overall goal of this research is to identify the underlying mechanism of bone metabolism. These insights will provide new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of osteoporosis and prevention of the morbidity and mortality associated with fracture.

The Becker laboratory is primarily funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) at NIH. Current active research support includes grants from the Support for Research Excellence Program (R16) and Center for Cell Signaling at the University of New England. 

Research studies in the Becker laboratory incorporate a variety of students from different backgrounds. We foster a collaborative environment where both undergraduate and medical students work together with Dr. Becker and Ms. Talia Lizotte, the Becker lab manager. GSBSE graduate students are welcome to apply for rotations. If interested in joining our research community, please email Dr. Becker.



University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bucknell University

Post-Doctoral Training

Post-Doctoral Training, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, Wisconsin)

Post-Doctoral Training, Bone Biology/Genetics
Maine Medical Center Research Institute (Scarborough, Maine)


Selected publications

A list of publications can be found on Google Scholar.

Research topics

Animal Model
COM Faculty Research
COM Medical Education
Gene Expression
Transgenic Mice