Kathryn H. Thompson

Kathryn H. Thompson, Ph.D., RDN

Professor Emerita


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Kathryn H. Thompson is a professor emerita in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the College of Osteopathic Medicine, University of New England. She received her Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell University. She is a registered dietitian and teaches biochemistry and nutrition in the medical school. Her research interests include active learning pedagogies in nutrition and medical education.



Cornell University
University of Delaware
University of Delaware

Clinical Affiliations

(, Maine)

Board Certifications and Licenses

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Post-Doctoral Training

Certificate, Medical Informatics
Oregon Health Sciences University (Portland, Oregon)


Selected publications

Linda Van Horn, Carine M Lenders, Charlotte A Pratt, Bettina Beech, Patricia A Carney, William Dietz, Rose DiMaria-Ghalili, Timothy Harlan, Robert Hash, Martin Kohlmeier, Kathryn Kolasa, Nancy F Krebs, Robert F Kushner, Mary Lieh-Lai, Janet Lindsley, Susan Meacham, Holly Nicastro, Caryl Nowson, Carole Palmer, Miguel Paniagua, Edward Philips, Sumantra Ray, Suzanne Rose, Marcel Salive, Marsha Schofield, Kathryn Thompson, Jennifer L Trilk, Gwen Twillman, Jeffrey D White, Giovanna Zappalà, Ashley Vargas, Christopher Lynch, Advancing Nutrition Education, Training, and Research for Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, Attending Physicians, and Other Clinicians: Building Competencies and Interdisciplinary Coordination, Advances in Nutrition, Volume 10, Issue 6, November 2019, Pages 1181–1200,

Spicer, Douglas B., Kathryn H. Thompson, Michelle S. Tong, Tina M. Cowan, Tracy B. Fulton, and Janet E. Lindsley. “Medical Biochemistry Without Rote Memorization: Multi-Institution Implementation and Student Perceptions of a Nationally Standardized Metabolic Map for Learning and Assessment.” Medical Science Educator, October 24, 2018.

LeClair, Renée J., Kathryn H. Thompson, and Andrew P. Binks. “A Universal Guide to Transitioning Didactic Delivery into an Active Classroom.” Medical Science Educator, 2018, 1–8.

Lindsley, JE., EE Abali, BT Bikman, SD Cline, T Fulton, B Lopez, OD Rosenthal, VE Uhley, RJ Weintraut, DP Williams, JJ Wisco and K Thompson. “What Nutrition-Related Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Should Medical Students Develop?” Medical Science Educator 27, no. 4 (December 2017): 579–83.

Other scholarly activity

Book Chapter

Thompson, Kathryn H. Nutrition and Aging. Gerontology for the Health Care Professional 4thrd ed. ed by. Robnett, RH, Brossoie, N and Chop, W. Jones and Bartlett Learning 2020


Research topics

COM Medical Education
Distance Education