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Marcia Cohen, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Social Work

Marcia has been a member of the UNE School of Social Work faculty since the program began in 1988, developing and teaching courses in social work practice, group work, homelessness and poverty,social welfare policy and organizational change. She has published extensively on  topics including homelessness and poverty, social work education and social work practice with groups. She is an active member of the international group work community and a long term member of the International Association for Social Work with Groups. Her book,  Empowering Workers and Clients for Organizational Change, was published in 2014. She became Professor Emeritus in 2016.



Brandeis University

Board Certifications and Licenses



Selected publications

Berman-Rossi, Lucia; Cohen, Marcia, B. and Fischer-Engels, Holly (2010) Creating Connections: Celebrating the Power of Groups, London: Whiting & Birch.

Cohen, Marcia B. and Graybeal, Clay (2007) Using Solution-Oriented Techniques in Mutual Aid Groups. Social Work with Groups, 30(4), pp. 41-55.

Cohen, Marcia B. and Mullender, Audrey (2006). The Personal in the Political: Exploring the Group Work Continuum, from Individual Change to Social Change. Social Work With Groups, 28(3/4), pp. 187-203

Cohen, Marcia B. (2004). Voices of a Hidden Movement: Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient Activism. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 10(4), pp. 50-61

Cohen, Marcia B. and Mullender, Audrey (2003) Gender and GroupWork, London: Routledge.

Cohen, Marcia B. and Hyde, Cheryl A. (2014). Empowering Workers and Clients for Organizational Change, Chicago: Lyceum

Research interests

Integrated multi-level social work practice; organizational practice; social work education; social action group work; gender and group work; mental health; practice with homeless and other very poor people.