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Michael Lawrence, M.S., CSCS, CPSS

Assistant Program Director

Associate Teaching Professor


Proctor Hall 215

Michael Lawrence is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy. He teaches kinesiology and mentors student research projects. 

His personal research interests include the mechanics of various strength training exercises, strength and conditioning, and the neuromuscular control of movement. Outside of UNE, he is a competitive powerlifter and holds an Professional total in the 275lb weight class. His best lifts are: 825 lbs squat (925 lbs equipped), 500lbs bench (661 lbs equipped), and a 710 lbs deadlift.



Ball State University
Ball State University


Selected publications

Lawrence M, Hartigan E, Tu CLower limb moments differ when towing a weighted sled with different loads and attachment points. Sports Biomechanics, 2013.

Carlson LA, Koch AJ, Lawrence M. Influence of Flo-Dynamics Intervention on Measures of Performance in Older Persons. Clin Interv Aging 2013:8:905-11.

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Carlson LA, Fowler C, Lawrence MA. Agility and Vertical Jump Performances are Impacted by Acute Cool Exposure. J Strength Cond Res. Accepted 2017.

Carlson LA, Lawrence MA, Kenefick RW. Hydration Status and Thermoregulatory Responses in Drivers during Competitive Racing. J Strength Cond Res. Accepted 2017.

Other scholarly activity

Mentored Student Research Projects

Bisesti B, Cottle C, Lawrence M, Carlson LA. A Comparison of Knee Moments during a Lateral Cutting Maneuver: Shod vs. Barefoot. 2012.

Cottle C, Bisesti B, Jackson M, Carlson LA, Lawrence M. Kinetic Differences in Weighted and Un-Weighted Sprint Starts. 2012.

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Lyons C, Carlson C, Lawrence M. Force Production and Muscle Activity During Sprint Starts while Pulling a Heavy Sled. 2014.

Cottle C, Stoltzfus S, Lawrence M. Does a Neuromuscular Training Program Improve Mechanics during Landing and Cutting maneuvers. 2015.

Ostrowski S, Carlson L, Lawrence M. Effect of an Unstable Load on Primary and Stabilizing Muscles During the Bench Press. 2015.

Pobocik K, Brazeau D, Lawrence M, Carlson L. Influence of Exercise Time of Day on Salivary Melatonin Responses. 2015.

Bloniak T, Cook C, Lawrence M. The Effectiveness of an 8-minute Squat Intervention for the Untrained Adult. 2016

Ostrowski S, Carlson L, Lawrence M. Effect of an Unstable Load on Deep Stabilizing Muscles during the Bench Press. 2016.

Hecker K, Lawrence M. The Effects of the Safety Squat Bar on Trunk and Lower Body Mechanics. 2017.

Research interests

Resistance Training

Sport Biomechanics