Molly Collin

Molly E. Collin, PT, B.S., RYT

Adjunct Faculty

Molly graduated from the University of Vermont in 1997 with a BS in physical therapy and has over 20 years of experience treating adults and children in a variety of settings throughout southern Maine.  Since 1998 she has been affiliated with UNE’s PT program and loves the combination of treating and teaching. She spent her first 5 years treating patients in acute rehabilitation with an emphasis on orthopedics, amputations, and neurological disorders before transitioning to skilled nursing and long-term care settings.  In 2002, she shifted focus to treat children with neurological disorders and developmental delays in a specialized outpatient setting.  Within a few years, she began specializing in the treatment of infants with torticollis and cranial deformities. She presented and lectured throughout southern Maine and at the AOTA national conference in 2008.  After several years of staying at home raising her two daughters, she returned to treating at a small, family-owned skilled and long-term care facility. As an adjunct faculty member, she has been involved in numerous courses including PTH 501L: Foundations of Physical Therapy Practice, PTH 605L: PT Management of Adults with Disorders of the Neuromuscular System, BIO 504 for Balance and Mobility Tests, PTH 608 & 708: Case Report 1 & 2. In 2015, she traveled as faculty with the Ghana Cross Cultural Health Emersion program. As of 2020, she completed her 200-hour yoga alliance certification through Boston Yoga School.  She is excited to see what’s next as she plans to blend her PT and yoga training. Molly is an avid fan of women’s soccer and loves the outdoors as you will find her out nordic skiing, surfing or hiking with her family.  She is an active community member and sits on the board of Special Surfers, a non-profit organization that gives children with special needs the opportunity to surf, and recently joined UNE’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Advisory Board.  



University of Vermont

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