Noah Perlut, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies

Noah Perlut, Ph.D.


Assistant Academic Director School of Marine and Environmental Programs


Decary Hall 221
Biddeford Campus
On campus



New York University
University of Vermont
James Madison University

Post-Doctoral Training

Post-Doctoral Training, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
University of Vermont (Burlington, Vermont)


Selected publications

See the lab publications webpage for an up-to-date publication list.

Research interests

I study the joint ecological and evolutionary consequences of using human-managed habitats as wildlife habitat.  In 2002 I began a long-term research project on how hayfield and pasture management affects the life-histories of grassland songbirds.  Along with ecology and evolution work, this project has expanded to create and explore federal policies that balance landowners' economic and birds' life-history needs.  Additional projects include: studying gray squirrel ecology on the UNE campus; exploring the ecology of urban roof-nesting Herring Gulls; evaluating the marsh bird communities on the Saco River; exploring if federal funded forestry practices actually support the bird communities as intended; and identifying the migration and wintering location of the Caribbean Martin and Lesser Antillean Nighthawk.

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