Shelley Cohen Konrad

Shelley Cohen Konrad PhD, LCSW, FNAP is the Director of the School of Social Work, Professor in the School of Social Work and Director of the  Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC). A clinical social worker by training Shelley specializes in practice with children and families. Her book, Practice with Children and Families: A Relational Perspective was published in 2013. In 1988 Shelley established Touchstone Psychotherapy Associates, a mental health collaborative designed to meet the complex needs of children, families, and carers. She co-founded the Kids First Center in 1997, a Portland-based non-profit program serving children, parenting partners, and families experiencing divorce, family disruption, and parental separation. She is a contributing author of the book What Kids Want Grown-ups to know about Separation & Divorce, a resource for families published in 2008 by the Kids First Collaborative. Shelley is passionate about her work in pediatric health, wellness, and end-of-life care. She serves as a consultant to child-centered organizations as well as hospice and bereavement practices.

Shelley is passionate about improving the quality of health and health-related care for all people. In 2010 she was named director of UNE's Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC). IPEC designs and implements educational programming that brings together students and faculty to learn about, from and with each other. The purpose of shared learning is to prepare graduates to be both excellent in their chosen fields as well as proficient members of practice teams. The overall aims of interprofessional education are to improve patient safety and advance equitable quality health care. As activists and collaborators social workers have pivotal leadership and membership roles on interprofessional healthcare teams. In 2012 IPEC was named a UNE Center for Excellence. Shelley's research and scholarship focuses on children and families; health perspectives of vulnerable populations, relational learning, and interprofessional education and care. She is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Interprofessional Care and the Journal of Family Social Work. Her own work is widely published in peer-reviewed journals. She travels nationally and internationally to present her scholarship and research.

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Simmons College School of Social Work

Board Certifications and Licenses



Shelley's research and scholarship focuses on children and families; and end-of-life; health perspectives of vulnerable populations


Current Research

HRSA Funded CHANNELS Project: Integrating cultural awareness, health literacy and collaborative practice education; promoting collaborative leadership; and including Community Health Outreach Workers as members of the interprofessional health team.
Evaluating impact of IPE in campus-based and community health environment education.

Research Interests

Parent perspectives on quality of health care; impact of working with suffering in the workplace; posttraumatic growth after tragedy; interprofessional education and care.

Selected Publications

2013 Dow, A., Konrad, S. C., Blue, A. V., Earnest, M., & Reeves, S. The Moving Target: Outcomes of Interprofessional Education, Journal of Interprofessional Care. 2013 Konrad, S. C. (2013). Social Work Practice with Children and Families: A Relational Perspective. Chicago: Lyceum Press. 2012 Konrad, S. C. & Morton, S. C. (2012). If I feel judged by you, I will not trust you: Relational Practice with Addicted Mothers. In J. Berzoff (Ed.), Falling through the cracks: Psychodynamic Practice with vulnerable and oppressed populations, pp. 106-140. New York: Columbia University Press. 2012 Cavanaugh, J. T. & S. C. Konrad. (2012). Fostering the development of effective person-centered healthcare communication skills: An interprofessional shared learning model. WORK: The Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 41, 293-301. 2012 Konrad, S. C. & Browning, D. M. (2012). Relational Learning and Interprofessional Practice: Transforming Health Education for the 21st Century. WORK: The Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 41, 247-251. 2010 Konrad, S. C. (2010). Relational learning in social work education: Transformative education for teaching a course on grief, death and loss. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 30(1). 2009 Konrad, S. C. (2009). Loss in translation: A model for therapeutic engagement and intervention with grieving clients. Families in Society, 90(4), 407-412.

Other Scholarly Activity

Funded Grants

Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation 2013: Interprofessional Health Practice Summit

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation 2013: Caring Practice for 21st Century Health Care

HRSA 2012: CHANNELS Project

Bingham Program Foundation 2011: COMPtime: Competencies for Collaborative Healthcare Practice (Online Modules)

Invited Plenary Presentation

Jun 2013 COMPtime: Competencies for Collaborative Healthcare _ Putting Creativity into IPE Curriculum, Collaborating Across Borders IV, Vancouver, BC, with Dr. Karen Pardue, Christine Hall, Ryan Eling, Cathy Plourde, Director Add Verb Productions.

Jun 2013 Expanding Interprofessional Teams to Meet the Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Communities, Collaborating Across Borders IV, Vancouver, BC with Dr. Jennifer Morton, Dr. Kowale Bankole, & Toho Soma MPH.

May 2013 Not Left to Chance: Building & Sustaining an Interprofessional Culture for Campus & Clinical Education. St. CatherineÕs University, St. Paul, MN

Nov 2013 Intention, Inspiration, and Integration: Building a Culture of Shared Learning amongst faculty in the Health. St. Louis University, St. Louis MS

Nov 2012 Transformation after Loss: A Story in Three Parts. Massachusetts National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference. Framingham, MA

Nov 2011 Interprofessional Education: The Context and Culture of Change. Collaborating Across Borders, Tuscon, AZ

Shelley Cohen Konrad

Shelley Cohen Konrad


Ph.D., L.C.S.W., F.N.A.P.

Director, School of Social Work

Director, Interprofessional Education Collaborative


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