Titilola Balogun, MBBS, MPH, DrPH

Assistant Director for Public Health Practice


Portland Campus
On campus
Teaching online

My background is in clinical medicine. I practiced medicine in Nigeria for about 8 years before getting my MPH in 2012 and my DrPH in 2016 – both from the University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston. My research interests are maternal and child health, and adolescent health. As a resident in pediatrics I was initially interested in neonatal health, and malnutrition in children aged less than 5 years, but as I transitioned into public health and completed a fellowship in maternal and child health, my interests broadened to include adolescents. Most of my research on adolescent health has focused on juvenile justice-involved youth with particular reference to mental health, sexual health, and substance use.



University of Texas School of Public Health
University of Texas School of Public Health
Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria


Selected publications

Balogun, T., Troisi, C., Swartz, M. D., Lloyd, L., & Beyda, R. (2018). Does juvenile detention impact health? Journal of Correctional Health Care, 24(2), 137-144. doi:10.1177/1078345818763174

Beyda, R. M., Balogun, T. B., Trojan, N., & Eissa, M. A. (2015). Medical homes for detained youth. Oral platform presentation for the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Annual Conference. Journal of Adolescent Health, 56(2), S16-S17.

Balogun, T. B. & Yakubu, A. M. (2015). Recent illness, feeding practices and father's education as determinants of nutritional status among preschool children in a rural Nigerian community. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 61(2), 92.

Ella, E. E., Ahmad, A. A., Umoh, V. J., Ogala, W. N., Balogun, T. B., & Musa, A. (2011). Studies on the interaction between IgA, lactoferrin and lysozyme in the breastmilk of lactating women with sick and healthy babies. Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity, 3(2), 24-29.

Ella, E. E., Ahmad, A. A., Umoh, V. J., Ogala, W. N., & Balogun, T. B. (2011). Breast milk IgA levels as a possible index to predict the onset of sepsis in infants in Kaduna State, Nigeria. South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology, 1(3), 163-167.

Other scholarly activity

Scientific Conference Presentations

Balogun, T. B., & Beyda, R. (2017). Detained Latino youth: A Need for Connection to Community Resources. Presented at the American Public Health Association Conference. Atlanta, GA. November 2017.

Junaidi, M., Ettinger, D., & Balogun, T.B. (2017). Community Efforts to address Depression in a Rural Community in Maine. Presented at the Maine Public Health Association Conference. Portland, ME. October 2017. 

Balogun, T. B., Troisi, C., Swartz, M. D., Lloyd, L., & Beyda, R. “For drug and alcohol use I would talk to mom”: A Mixed Methods study of Detained Youth. Presented at the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Conference. New Orleans, LA. March 2017.

Research interests

Perinatal health, under-five morbidity and mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, adolescent health

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