Tyler Redway

Tyler Redway, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, COM (Anatomy)


Stella Maris Hall 318
Biddeford Campus

I am a triple graduate of The Ohio State University, where I focused on teaching human anatomy to all levels of students and expanding the Division of Anatomy’s Anatomy Outreach Program. This program’s primary objective was to reach high school-level students in anatomy and physiology classrooms and provide them with a hands-on learning experience in the donor lab. These outreach sessions provide students with opportunities to learn about human anatomy outside of the textbook, interact with content experts, and learn about related education and career opportunities. Through this work, I found a passion for teaching and creating a safe space for more people to learn about the wonders of the human body. My research has focused on the presence and methods of existing Anatomy Educational Outreach Programs (AEOPs) in the United States and some of the impacts of the OSU AEOP on students’ interests and attitudes toward human anatomy. At UNE, I hope to continue this work with the community so that I may expand our understanding of AEOPs, how they operate and impact our participants, and build resources for new and existing programs.



Ph.D. Anatomy
The Ohio State University
M.S. Anatomy
The Ohio State University
B.S. Health Sciences
The Ohio State University


Selected publications

Redway TH, Hanna P, Loomis B, Quinn MM (2023). Anatomy Outreach Days: One Approach to Large-Scale Anatomy Outreach Events. HAPS Educator Vol 27 (2), pp. 18-35.

Cook, D. P., Steed, K., Read, C., Baysarowich, R., Redway, T., Robineau-Charette, P., & Carnegie, J. (2020). Science Outreach: Six Examples of Programs That Enrich the Learning Environments of Students and Educators. HAPS Educator.