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Annual Assessment Reporting

UNE’s annual assessment reporting process involves several important steps that are grounded in assessment data and build on one another.

  1. Academic programs and student support services report on their assessment data, findings, and actions they have implemented to foster student learning.
  2. College and division leaders summarize their programs and student support services assessment reports, highlight key topics and themes, and address any needs.
  3. The UAC, in its own report, synthesizes all the reports, underscores the major themes that surfaced from the data, and makes recommendations to support and advance student learning.
  4. The UAC presents its report to senior leadership, (5) distributes it to the University community, and follows up on its recommendations.

Assessment Reporting process infographic

Date Actions
June 15

Program and student support services assessment reports due to Dean/VP, UAC, and the Provost’s office

August 15 College/division assessment reports due to the UAC and Provost’s office
Summer/Early Fall UAC synthesizes and analyzes annual assessment reports and writes its annual report
November UAC presents its report to the UNE leadership
Late Fall/Early Spring
  • Provost responds to UAC’s report and recommendations
  • UAC distributes its report to the UNE community