With the continued partnership with the Educational Advisory Board (EAB), the new Student Success Collaborative platform, Navigate, aims to improve communication, streamline student outreach efforts, and provide data-driven insight with a goal of improving retention and graduation rates at UNE. The platform will provide user data analytic insights specific to student academic performance, allow for a user-driven centralized note system for advising and support services, and serve as a scheduling tool for academic advising and tutoring services.

How Navigate Works

Navigate is a comprehensive, Early Alert, Advising platform that combines technology, research, and predictive analytics to assist in improving UNE student outcomes, by providing effective and efficient means to:

  • Early Interventions: Identify/Prioritize students needing assistance in critical course;
  • Focused Advising: Engage students in conversations who may be at-risk in their chosen academic program, meaningful degree planning, and evaluate and compare alternative major options;
  • Predictive Analytics: Approach student holistically based on their majors, course performance, and any barriers that may prevent students from persisting while at UNE, featuring:

Navigate has many tools, including:

  • Predictive model assigning students risk scores
  • Quick views of students’ records, notes, and progress
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Workflow technology for coordinated and streamlined student outreach
  • User-friendly search tools and reports, including progress reports, tutoring management, and rolling academic alerts


Students can now schedule Advising and other appointments with academic advisors, faculty advisors, and instructors (office hours) by using the schedule feature in the Guide mobile app.

Students can filter the appointments by selecting what type of appointment they are looking for, selecting the location for the meeting: my advisor's office or my instructor's office, and then selecting the person you want to meet with.

Please note: if you have not set any availability in Navigate, students will not be able to schedule a meeting with you. You will also need to sync your Outlook Calendar in Navigate — or you will not receive alerts and other notifications from Navigate, and you will not see when a student has scheduled a meeting with you on your Outlook Calendar.

Please encourage your undergraduate students to download the Guide mobile app (if they have not done so already), as the scheduling feature will be extremely useful to them throughout their time at UNE.

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