Health Services Management

Minor in Health Services Management

Westbrook College of Health Professions

Integrated Health Sciences

Karen Pardue, MS, CNE, ANEF, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education, Westbrook College of Health Professions

Minor Description

Health services management is a field of study exploring the organization and administration of health care facilities. As a minor, students are provided opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the business and operations inherent throughout the health care industry. Students are encouraged to apply this new learning to their major field of study. Students completing the minor are well positioned for expanded roles of leadership within acute care and community based organizations. Students wishing to pursue a minor in health services management must have an advisor in the program and approval from the program director. Each student works with a faculty advisor to design a minor consisting of six courses (18 credits) that supports the student's interests, using the following guidelines:

Program Required Courses 18
HSM 300 - Intro to Management of Health Services Organization 3
HSM 301 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3
HSM 302 - Health Services Delivery Systems 3
Flexible Required Courses (Choose three courses for 9 credits)   
HSM 303 - Health Care Economics 3
HSM 310 - Health Care Finance and Accounting 3
HSM 370 - Law and Ethics of Health Care 3
HSM 401 - Health Care Policy and Planning 3
HSM 403 - Human Resources Management 3
HSM 405 - Marketing of Health Services 3
HSM 415 - Public, Private and Community Health Care Organizations 3
HSM 425 - Cultural Diversity 3
Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for subsequent years may vary. Other expenses include books and housing. For more information regarding tuition and fees, please consult the Financial Information section of this catalog.

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Notice and Responsibilities Regarding this Catalog

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